Goats Milk Products For Acne – Can It Help?

Goats Milk Products For Acne – Can It Help?

We’ve have had a number of questions in recent days regarding the benefits of Goats Milk products and their use on Acne prone skin, so we have put together some information that may help.

Goats Milk for Acne

Over the years goat’s milk has become a popular treatment option for acne sufferers. Cow’s milk may trigger outbreaks, however goat’s milk may be considered an effective treatment for undesirable skin conditions. The pH level of goat’s milk is similar to that of a human skin which may help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. It may also prevent skin dryness and also help to treat scaly skin.

Goats Milk & Exfoliation

Goat’s milk can work wonders for the skin because it contains various ingredients which may assist in exfoliating dead skin cells. One of the main causes of acne is dead skin clogging our pores. Goat’s Milk contains high levels of lactic acid, a natural alpha-hydroxy acid which can help remove dead skin cells leaving skin smoother and feeling softer.

Anti-Bacterial Properties Of Goats Milk

One part of acne treatment should aim at eliminating the bacteria that can cause acne. Goats milk has been said to contain anti bacterial properties, which can effectively minimize bacteria on the skin. This can greatly benefit acne sufferers who use products such as Goats Milk Soap in their daily routines.

A Natural Alternative

There has been considerable positive feedback on our goats milk soap and other products, as to how gentle it is on skin. Having been made using naturally derived ingredients minus the harsh chemicals commonly found in cheap and nasty bath and skin care products, goats milk products are a great alternative and are suitable for all skin types as well as sensitive skin.

“I’ve suffered from acne problems for many years, and have tried many different ways to treat it – even medical treatments from my doctor. While going through these medical treatments to try and get my acne problem under control, the beauty products I had the most success with were goats milk products. Other products often left my skin dry and irritated, however goats milk was by far the most gentle, and had the best success in assisting with my acne condition.” – Rania, 27 from Sydney, NSW


Do you or have you suffered with acne? We would love to hear your feedback and whether goats milk products have been of benefit to you. Please share in the comments form below!

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