Caring for the environment at Natural Secrets is taken seriously by ensuring that the palm oil used in our soap is sourced from a sustainable plantation. There are many products found in our market today which use palm oil extracted from non cultivated plantations such as rain-forests and endangered animal habitat.

There have been many allegations in recent years that the palm oil industry is harmful to the environment and destroys animal habitats, such as that of the orangutan.  While there has been deforestation associated with this industry by unscrupulous companies, many of these claims have been confused with other deforestation projects (i.e. logging) in the same and nearby areas.

The truth is that it is possible to harvest palm oil sustainably, with minimal impact and a process that allows the trees to reproduce its leaves and fruit annually.  Many are surprised to find that palm oil production actually takes less space and requires less labor than the production of other oils, such as soybean.  It is a company’s responsibility to do their due diligence in locating a supplier that takes care when growing and harvesting these plants.

We have taken the time to research until we found suppliers that share our dedication to sustainability.  Considering the rain-forest areas and orangutan and other animal habitats kept safe by using what the Earth provides responsibly, we think the extra time spent is well worth it.


Product packaging is a major contributor to excess waste in the landfills.  We’ve made it our goal to help reduce and reverse the overflow by providing recyclable plastic packaging for Natural Secrets products and would like to extend our thanks to those of you who contribute by recycling.


All of our products are created without the use of animal testing – period.

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