Natural Secrets As Reviewed By

Natural Secrets As Reviewed By

2015 so far has been a year of positivity for Natural Secrets, and the positive energy keeps on flowing with the latest review of our goats milk skin care products by

The fashion and beauty blogger talks about her love for our Moisturising Hand Cream and our entire range. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Body Cream: Sinks in really quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or white residue behind.

Hand Cream: AMAZING. Sinks in straight away and feels really calming. I’m never one for hand creams but since I’ve had this baby I’ve kept it on my bedside table and use it every night before I sleep. Smells soooooo gooood.

Handwash: Love this too. It’s replaced my normal handwash. As with the hand cream, it is super calming and with warm water it is bliss! Leaves my hands feeling super smooth.

Head over to the blog here for the full review!


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