The Colourful Housewife Tries Natural Secrets

The Colourful Housewife Tries Natural Secrets

We here at Natural Secrets HQ are excited to have been featured in The Colourful Housewife where a range of our products were reviewed. Here’s a snippet of the positive praise from Jess Steele:

Onto the shampoo and conditioner, I was hesitant initially to use it as I have naturally blonde hair and dye it red. Anyone who colours their hair knows that when you wash it – half the colour ends up down the plughole, hence using a rather expensive shampoo and conditioner to prevent this as much as possible. No colour washed out. NONE. The shampoo is so creamy, it almost has the consistency of the whipped cream you buy in the cold section at the supermarket! The conditioner is the same, as these products are so rich you don’t need to use much. When drying my hair it it was bouncy, shiny and smelled amazing.

Head over to The Colourful Housewife for the full review!

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